Free Hosting Is Actually Not So Good For Business

For any business, one of the key things is to keep the costs of running business as low as possible. It would therefore make sense for most businesses to opt for free blog hosting to promote their activities, right? It may seem so on paper, but on further scrutiny, those services really don’t do much to boost business.

What is a free blog hosting platform?

These are the platforms that cater to people who want to give blogging a try and offer a great platform to learn the ropes of blogging. It’s, however, not a money-oriented platform. Such blog hosting platforms are best suited to individuals who are in the initial stages of their business and who are looking for a plan that is easy and free to use with almost zero chance of screwing up.

What makes free blog hosting bad for your money?

free-blog-hostingPeople looking to grow their website or blogs to boost their businesses or make more money need to get a self-hosted blog that has a unique domain name. Free platforms are very limited and rigid, making them an inferior choice especially when viewer traffic starts increasing. The last thing any business owner or professional wants is a crashed website as this can lead to the loss of potential as well as existing clients.

Why are they bad for business?

    • Security issues

The fact that these kind of platforms don’t offer unique IP addresses ad domain names is a cause for concern for any business. Holm Secuirty shows the importance of a secured web hosting service.

    • Limited control

This means owners are not able to alter the coding to customize their framework

    • Not good for Google ranks

The appearance and design of a website or blog is one of the things that attracts viewers. Free hosting platforms don’t allow for personalized layout changes, making the end result quite ordinary and not something that attracts viewership – which translates to very poor ranking.