Boosting Your Website’s Ranking

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of improving your website’s ranking on search enginee result page. It is not, strictly speaking, one of the functions of a Web Hosting Service and the purpose of this page is not to advise you how to do it so much as to suggest things not to do.

computer-767776_1280Your website will not be up for long (by “up” we mean visible to the public) before you start to receive emails and on-site comments from people offering to get you onto the first page of a search engine. We are not going to say that such approaches should be completely ignored, but we do suggest a great deal of caution. Most of the people who contact you, however honeyed the words and attractive the deal, cannot do the things they say they’re going to do and some of them will land you in deep trouble because, if one of the big search engines believes that you are using methods they do not approve of in order to boost your ranking, you are likely to find that your site is blacklisted.

None of that is to say that you should ignore SEO – you should not. It’s far too important for you to take no notice of it. It’s probably a good idea to obtain a good guide to the subject, but check the publication date. The method used by the search engines to distinguish between websites and allocate different rankings vary from time to time and what worked two years ago (or even closer to now than that) may not only not work today but actually cause you to be relegated.

One of the most important ways to boost your ranking is to get a number of backlinks – that is other websites that point back to yours. Ignore offers from “farms” that promise a large number of backlinks for a price; the best way to get others pointing at you is through pages and posts the people want to read. In other words, by filling your site with high-quality content.